Thursday, 22 February 2018

Classroom Newsletter

I team teach in Room 11 this year and find that there are always things going on at our school and in our class. In order to keep on top of everything, I decided to come up with a newsletter template to help share all the events, information and details with our parents. 

These newsletters come out once a week on a Monday and have everything the parents need to know for the upcoming week. These newsletters are published on Seesaw (the app we use to communicate with parents) and allow for further communication opportunities. 

This is an example of what our newsletter looks like for each week. I have attached a template here that you can make a copy from and use for yourself. Click on that link here >> Class Newsletter template

More resources for you to use in your classroom

I have finally managed to list more of my resources that I have been working on over the last couple of days. These can be used in maths and reading, depending on the needs of your children. 

The first is a activity I made called 'Can you make them equal?'. It is designed to help children count and compare numbers and sets. This can be played in small groups or individually, with children needing counters or small objects to assist. This is a paid activity for the low price of $1 that you can download from teachers pay teachers. If it is something you are interested in please click here >> Can you make it equal?

The next game is another comparing numbers game where children need to add objects in the boxes to count the sets. They can then use a whiteboard marker to write the numbers at the top with the <, >, or = signs dependent on the numbers on the game boards. This is a FREE download from teachers pay teachers. If it is something you are interested in please click here >> Bear to compare

Tying in with the comparing numbers, this activity is an easy to make quick game! Children can use this alongside a pack of cards. They attach each monster to the front of a cup or small box and children put the cards into 2 piles. They draw a card from each pile and choose which monster it goes too - greater, less or equal. They then put it in that cup or box. This is another FREE download available from teachers pay teachers. If it is something you are interested in please click on the link here >> Greater and less than monsters

My last one I have made this week is a alphabet letter recognition activity which can be used in reading or writing time. This is great for alphabet reinforcement of both lower case and capital letters. Teachers can print it out and laminate for durability and use with counters or objects; or print for worksheets and have students colour in the right circle or dot with a BINGO pen. My students love these and can't wait for it to each week. These are a paid activity on teachers pay teachers for a low price of $1! If it is something you are interested in purchasing, please click on the link here >> Letter recognition - alphabet dotting

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Google Trainer - whats up!!

Well...the best news came out. I applied in January to become a Google for Education Certified Trainer and got the news that my application was accepted!

This is such a personal achievement as this means I know enough about google to give back to other teachers and help train others. I am working in the Year 5/6 classes this year building digital fluency and practice. We are starting off with google tools this term so this achievement fits in with that perfectly! 

Can't wait to see what the year brings!


Well getting back into the swing of school, I have just loved making more and more resources that I can use in my classroom! I am also really passionate about sharing my creations with others. 

These two are great for addition! They allow for different material manipulation and learning how to add different sets together. These are only addition up to 10. 

The first one is a bug addition. Students use the addition cards and pretend bugs to make the correct amount in the jar. This is listed on teachers pay teachers so please click on the link here if it is something you want to use >> Bug Addition

The second one is a baking addition. Similar to the first one, students use the addition cards and use the baking goodies to add them together on the tray. Due to my fellow teachers commenting on how amazing this activity is, it is no longer a freebie :( It is listed on teachers pay teachers for a low price of $1, so if it is something you would like to use in your classroom please click here >> Baking Addition

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Writing Prompts - freebie!

I found that my students are needing some inspiration for their independent writing. You can only write about your weekend, or favourite things or what you want to do in the holidays before the writing task becomes redundant. 

So in order to get my students more engaged and interested in their writing, I created these writing prompts. They are grouped around different themes and have a picture to prompt their writing. They can write a description, story, ideas or anything linked to the picture prompt. 

They use the prompt to first draw a picture plan and then write their story underneath! 

If you would like to download this FREE, visit Teachers pay teachers or go to the link here >> Writing Prompts FREE

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Book boats

So I came across this cool post on the NZ Teachers Facebook page, and immediately had to make these things called 'Book boats'. I went out and brought the containers, had huge difficulty cutting the lid in half with a saw and decorated them on my teacher only days. 

School has only been back a few days. We brought them out on Monday for 'read to self' time in reading and the children were in love. They all wanted a turn and couldn't wait to read in it. As we only made 5, we had to leave them only for 'read to self' time when they could then choose to read in them on the deck. 

You can see in the picture, the children are so engaged with their reading. So cute and comfortable! The best thing I've made for my classroom this year!